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Cast Bios

Nancy “Maradona” Majola
Seventeen year-old dribbling sensation and goal-scorer Nancy “Maradona” Majola fights physical, financial and equal rights adversity of all kinds as a young woman in a sport still dominated by men. One day, she says, she will make it and play for Banyana Banyana (the women’s national team).

Ricardo “Rico” Kutumela
Soccer is super-charming, twenty-one year-old Ricardo “Rico” Kutumela’s pride and joy yet he abandoned professional aspirations to try to win a prestigious scholarship to an Afrikaans university. He succeeded. He works for a TV ad agency and flashes his incredible smile for companies like MTN. He lives and says he will always live in Alex.

Isaac “Shakes” Kungwane
One of the most famous professional soccer players in South African history, forty year-old Isaac “Shakes” Kungwane has long since retired and is all too familiar with the politics of football in South Africa but is part of a big family, is still hustling, still contributing to the community, still laughing, and still partying.

Patrick Phungwayo
Twenty-one year-old defender Patrick Phungwayo is one of five professional footballers in Alex and something of a celebrity. A left back for BIDVest Wits, he was voted young player of the year last season, has played against national teams and may have a real shot at every kid’s dream––playing professional soccer overseas.

Jacob “Babes” Bopape
Sixty-nine year-old Jacob “Babes” Bopape was one of South Africa’s first professional footballers. He has lived most of his life within the unjust system that was Apartheid South Africa and has also witnessed the country’s inspiring transition to an equal and democratic nation and he has the near photographic memory to prove it. Full of hope and faith, he is also inescapably scarred by the years of injustice and oppression.


Executive Producers
Nick Fitzhugh
Josh Fitzhugh

Director / Producer / Art Director / Colorist
Nick Fitzhugh

Nick Fitzhugh
Pete Muller

Associate Producer
Pete Muller

Music Supervisor
Kelela Mizanekristos

Sound Mix
Daniel Magnani
Richard Humphries

Graphic Designer
Eliza Fitzhugh

Special Thanks
Palesa Bohali
Tabea Bohali
Jacob Bopape
Michael Davie
Josh Fitzhugh
Isaac Kungwane
Ricardo Kutumela
Nancy Majola
Patrick Phungwayo
Eric Tinkler
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